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SUPRATHEL is a Class III medical device. Therefore it’s distributed in 36 countries across five continents. To date, more than 20,000 patients have been successfully treated in over 300 burn centers as a result.

SUPRATHEL is based on polylactic acid and as an elastic membrane it mimics the natural skin. While beeing permeable to oxygen and water vapor, it provides a physical barrier for microorganisms.

SUPRATHEL is indicated in superficial (2a°) and deep dermal/partial thickness (2b°) skin loss diseases, such as burn wounds, split-thickness skin graft (STSG) donor sites, as well as trauma and surgical wounds.

Benefits of using SUPRATHEL®

  • Several advantages support the use and application of SUPRATHEL
  • first of all significant pain relief – by up to 60%1
  • Significantly less IV narcotic management required
  • Minimaly manipulative dressing changes with no anesthesia
  • Significant reduction of infections and inflammatory response, no biologic risk1
  • Synthetic, biocompatible, absorbable
  • Minimizes risk of infections and inflammation, no reported allergic reactions
  • Faster wound healing2
  • Reduces healing time for STSG donor sites allowing for early reharvest
  • ROM can begin 2-5 days following application
  • Lower treatment costs3 – by up to 69%
  • One-time wound dressing, no change needed
  • Less care and aftercare needed therefore shortened need for hospitalization
  • in addition less administration of pain medication needed
  • Good cosmetic and functional outcomes and scar quality4


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